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Sterilisation validation and calibration


We service all major brands of autoclaves, including  Melag, Newmed Kronos, Cominox, Runyes, Siemens, Midmark  and more.  To comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS: 4815, your steriliser must be validated annually. We use BRAND NEW state of the art equipment to calibrate and validate your Autoclave and provide comprehensive reports. 


Vaccine Fridge Validation 


Our technician will temperature check your vaccine fridge over a 20 minute testing period to ensure temperatures are consistent top and bottom and  within the allowable limits of + 2C to + 8C and consistent with your log report.

Medical Equipment Test & Tag & Repairs


Electrical safety testing is essential to ensure your medical electrical equipment is in safe working order.

Medical electrical equipment is tested to the medical standard AS/NZS:3551.  


Our technicians are fully qualified to test and tag all medical and domestic electrical equipment.


Equipment that needs testing includes : ECG's, Spirometers, Diathermys, blood pressure monitors, otoscopes/opthalmascopes, ultrasonic cleaners, ear syringes, examination lights, X-ray viewers,examination couches/beds and scales.


We can also test the operation and accuracy of battery operated/non electrical medical items, such as Spyghmomanometers and scales.


ARTS Technical Solutions also specialise in servicing and repairing electric bed motors and controllers.

Oxygen Regulator Service

​We offer servicing of oxygen regulators, flow meters and suction units.

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